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Lawn, Yard, and Garden Care Services

Natural Sod Lawn:

Why Sod Installation?

Sod is the cultivation of various pure natural grass types for the purpose of commercial whole sale and retail mechanical harvesting and distribution for an instant mature grass lawn experience by means of installation. Sod is often sold by square feet measure, and often takes the form of mat-like roles. Sod is by far a better choice when planing a new natural lawn compared to the use of seeds or plugs for three major reasons:

  • Sod installation creates an instant mature, lush green natural grass lawn (however the new lawn requires time and care to grow and get established)
  • Sod installation helps to eliminate soil lead chemical exposure, especially if one has children and or elderly at home
  • Sod installed lawns can immediately help prevent regrowth of weeds (some weeds can be persistent and may require manual intervention initially); help prevent soil erosion; improve the beauty of yard surroundings, clean the environment, and promote good health and quality of life.

When Is Better To Install Sod: 

Spring, Summer, or Fall? 

S​od (natural grass) can be installed from spring (March/April) to the fall (November). The only difference is in the application frequency of water; in the spring and fall, water application will be less frequent than in the summer. For more lawn care information consult a make-a-garden professional at 718-309-8715 or [email protected]

Let's promote a greener environment one natural lawn at a time.

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Make-A-Garden Projects: 

Worksites Before & Our Work After 

Our Project Work Site Before

Our Sod Installation Project 


Our Sod Installed Lawn Project (Completed)

Our Multi-Project Worksite (Before)

Our​​ Multi-Project Work (After):

 Paverstone Patio, Lawn, Shrubs

Our Multi-Project Site (Before) 

Our Multi-Project Work (After)

Our Work-In-Progress

 (Sod Lawn & Walkway) 

Our Work After

(Sod Lawn & Walkway)

Our Work-In-Progress

Sloping Sod Lawn Site

Our Completed Work

(Sloping Sod Lawn)

Our Sod Installation Project


Our Sod Installed Lawn (after)

Our Stonework Project

 WorkSite (Before)

Our Stonework Project

 (Work In Progress)

Our Paver Stone Patio 

 Wood Fence Project (WIP)

Our Paver Stone Patio 

& Wood Fence Project (completed)

Our Work (Garden)

Our Work-In-Progress

(Garden and Walkway)

Our Work After 

(Lawn & River-Stone Retainer)



Our  Stone Paver Patio Project 

Site (before)​

Our Project Worksite - Before

(Old Asphalt Driveway)

Our Site Clearing Project

(Site Before)

Our New Wood Shed Project 


yard home

          Our Yard Home/Shed Project 

           Worksite (Before)

Our Customized Tr. Wood Planters 

Our Stone Paver Patio Project 


Our New Paver Stone Driveway 


Our Site Clearing Project


Our New Wood Shed Project 


             Yard Home/Shed  Project


Make-A-Garden Yard Upgrade 

Our  Stone Paver  Project (completed)

Our New Stone Paver  Driveway (completed)

Our Site Clearing Project


Our 48-inch Sliding Barn Door Shed


         Our  Yard Home/Shed Project                           (Completed)

Our Paver Stone Patio & 

Treated Wood Retainer  Wall